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The NACEPF Challenge

John Primeau, the Founder and President of North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation (NACEPF) which produces Catholic radio and television programs, has established a dollar-for-dollar challenge grant to be used exclusively for tuition assistance. The North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation has committed up to $225,000 for this grant, which provides us with the potential of $450,000 for St. Patrick Academy students.
The per-pupil cost of a St. Patrick Academy education is lower than most Catholic and private high schools. Despite that, all our students qualify for tuition assistance ranging from $5,500 to the full cost of $11,500 this year. About 25% of our students cannot afford to pay any tuition, while the average tuition payment for those who can pay something is less than $2,000. To make our school accessible to all those students who have scarce financial resources, we are asking for your help.
To make a contribution to the NACEPF Challenge, please forward a check or money order to the school, make a donation on the "Ways to Give" page or call the Development Office at 401-421-0810.