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The library has been planned to provide an appropriate learning environment for students who need to do research work on projects, complete homework, or who wish to read. Sudents are instructed on accessing many databases through the Internet to the state's public library system. Seven computers with Internet access allow students to use appropriate online resources during their study periods and after school.

Word of the Day 

Each week, Monday through Thursday, there will be a vocabulary word and its definition posted on the bulletin board in the library and read aloud by the librarian during every period that there are students in the library. Copies of the word and its definition will be available each day for the students to take home. All students who come in during study hall will receive a copy of the word and its definition. Any student who can recite four words and their definitions from memory to the librarian on Friday will get a prize from the prize box!

Monthly Reading Incentives

Each month, there will be an incentive to take out books and read them (or, in some cases, to read something online). Each incentive is based on a theme and incorporates other subjects (history, music, science, etc.). The incentives will be posted on the bulletin board in the library. Students who complete the incentives earn rewards. The reward and the criteria for each incentive will also be posted.