The Disadvantages of Becoming a Property Development Consultant

Becoming a real estate agent is becoming a new trend when it comes to choosing a career. Because people who are real estate agents earn a lot of money and they get to visit different places and they get to meet different people every day. This is a job that is exciting and people learn different type of marketing techniques. It all sounds very cool like having a job that which pays well and you have very flexible working hours as well. But there are disadvantages of it as well. Like talking about the flexible working hours, even though you seldom visit the office but the big clients often can call up to ask for a visit to a specific property that might be far from your town and may be at that time you are on a lunch date with your better half. This can be very irritating at times because if you don’t show up, they will be offended and move to another property development consultant.

Even if you are on a holiday out of town, your client can call you up at any time just for asking about few things or they can also have a detailed talk about a certain property. You can say that being a property development consultant one has to be available at all times and they must always be on a move. If you are a freelancer agent, then there will be times when you won’t be able to get any customers which means that you are not getting a salary, you are just working for a company who just pays you commission. There are seasons in which people don’t buy property like cultural festive, people want to save and spend on families instead of buying a property. And if you are working on a salary with a company and you haven’t sold any property then that company has the power to give you a firing letter because if you are not making them any dime then you are of no use to the company at all. Convincing clients can be a very difficult job as well and it can be very stressful at times. 

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