Things NOT to Do in Greece

Greece is a country of godly wonders and that is why each year it is full of tourists. You can do almost about everything in here but just like every other country, it has some rules and regulations that are under some laws and that is why there are somethings that you should not do here. And precautions and aware makes you want to care as well, and the first thing you should not do is keep your wallet in the back of your trousers or your backpack. It should be on front pocket of the trouser or it should be in a fanny pack. Greece is listed as one of the safest countries in the world but no matter how tight the security gets, the pick pocketers always know a way in and a way out.

So, be careful and even if you become a victim, it is best to report to police right away. Speaking of police, in Greece, there are two kinds of police; the regular one and the one which is only used to deal with the tourists and the don’t here is that, you must not ask tourists questions from them. Because it will not only waste their time but it will also waste your time, because they will simply say no after hearing those long queries that you riddled. Even though Greece is a very advanced country but still there are places where you will need to follow a dress code. These places are the churches and the monasteries, these places don’t allow much skin to show and even it is hot and you need to see a place like these, you will have to bare it or ignore it. 

Again, Greece is a very much developed country but still there are many places where they don’t accept credit cards but they just take cash. So, make sure that you carry a good amount of cash with you, even there are ATMs but you must always be extra careful. Greece is full of amazing and breath-taking sculptures and artifacts and that is why to keep them that way, the law says that you must know eat near it nor you can touch them, even a bit. You can get Greece permanent residence and click this site to get information about it.