Types of visas issued by Canada

Canada is considered as one of the best country to live because of its quality life and its easy rules for other nationalities too. Recently, Canada has opened its immigration policy for other nationalities too and if you are falling in its criteria then you should apply for its immigration policy and this type of visa is offered on the basis of points. So if you will qualify all of the points then you will be offered visa. If you are living in Qatar then you can also apply for Canada visa Qatar. If you don’t know about the complete procedure then you can also get help from consultant. But before applying, you should know all of the types of visa for Canada so you should read this article to get complete information about the types of visas.

Temporary visa:

This type of visa is offered to the persons who want to permanently live in the Canada such as business tour, vacation tour and studies. So these persons return to their countries after completion of their visa limit. It means that the persons can live for a short period of time in Canada if they will get temporary visa.

Student visa:

This type of visa is offered to the persons who want to continue their education in Canada. So they are allowed to do work in Canada with their studies and sometimes they are also allowed to live for few years after completion of their studies.

Super visas for grandparents:

These are types of family reunion visas so the candidates can apply visa for their parents and grandparents. And these types of visas are valid for several years. And these also allow the family sponsorship program so that families can live together in Canada.

Visitor visa:

These types of visas are offered to the persons who want to live for few months in Canada. But when you will be offered visa then you will have to ensure that you will come back after completion of your visa tenure.

Work visa:

If you want to do work in Canada or you have been selected by company to work their then you will be offered work visa. There are two types of visa: federal skilled worker program, work visa leading to permanent residence. For these type of visas there will be no need to get prior job offer by the company. B ut if you will go for North American free trade agreement work permit then you will need to get job offer firstly then you will be given this visa. Visit for further details.