Ultimate Travel Bucket List Ideas to Do in UAE Before You Reach 40

Visiting the UAE is high on many people’s travel bucket lists. This UAE city offers plenty of outdoor adventures for the adventurous traveler. Some of the best experiences in the region are Skydiving Dubai, visiting the Al Khayma Desert Conservation Reserve, and visiting Dubai’s Global Village. But if you want to experience the real UAE, get help from the best travel agency in Abu Dhabi.

Skydiving Dubai:

If you have always dreamed of jumping out of an airplane, Skydiving Dubai is the perfect place to do it. It is one of the ultimate travel experiences. During a tandem jump over the Palm Jumeirah, you will experience an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Afterward, you can head to the desert for a desert safari and dune bashing. The UAE is also a popular destination for sandboarding.

Jebel Ali Beach:

The UAE has so much to offer travelers. Its beaches, deserts, and modern civilization are just a few attractions the nation has to offer. You can visit the DC Superheroes Park and experience how superheroes live and train. You can also explore the world’s largest indoor artificial tree or dip in the pristine waters of the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Al Khayma Desert Conservation Reserve:

One of the UAE’s most iconic sites is the Al Khayma Desert Conservation Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its open-top 1950s Land Rovers are ideal for touring the reserve. You can also take a twilight nature walk and enjoy night vision binoculars for an up-close view of the desert’s nocturnal wildlife. The guided tour is led by an experienced conservation guide knowledgeable about local wildlife and the region’s environmental history.

Dubai’s Global Village:

One of the best ways to experience the world’s different cultures is to visit Dubai’s Global Village. Located southeast of Dubai, the global village offers two entry gates and plenty of free parking. Public buses and Dotto trains also provide convenient transportation to and from the Village. You can also take a tour of Dubai, including its famous landmarks, to visit the village.

Jebel Jais Sky Tour:

If you’re looking for an exciting, adrenaline-filled adventure, a Jebel Jais Sky Tour is for you. This breathtaking tour will take you high above the desert landscape. There are many activities to choose from, but the ziplining experience is a highlight. Zipliners can travel up to 150km/h while covering almost 2.8km, equivalent to 28 football pitches.