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Beef Skillet Supper- Must-try for salad lovers

If you are passionate to have a plate full of edible raw vegetables dressed with with different sauces that would have pieces of meat and pineapples to give flavour then Beef skillet supper is must-try and must-have for you. 

This dish is neither a salad nor an oily dish which you wish to avoid to have under your gluten free diet. It is the mixture of both. It is nutritious and light like salad and wholesome like a meal. It consists of meat, vegetables and little spices to make your lunch a mouth-craving meal. 

Do you suffer from thyroid problems and is the description making you want to try this recipe? If yes, then read below and found the ingredients and method of this supper which is usually eaten by everyone!


  1. 1 pound of beef
  2. 1 teaspoon of solid fat
  3. Half cabbage (medium sized)
  4. 1 and half cup of sweet potato (diced)
  5. 3 tablespoons of coconut aminos
  6. 1 teaspoon of ginger
  7. 1 carrot (large and sliced)
  8. Herbs like parsley (for serving)
  9. Sea salt (for serving)
  10. Scallion (green parts for serving)
  11. 1 Zucchini (medium sized. It should be sliced.)


  1. Put solid fat in non-stick pan. Melt it and then add beef in it. Cook beef until it gets brown.
  2. Add aminos, ginger, sweet potato and cabbage in the pan when more than half of the beef is cooked. Cover the pot for six to seven minutes. However, you are required to stir a little until sweet potatoes are cooked. You can add more solid fat if ingredients are sticking on the pot. 
  3. Put zucchini and carrots in the pan when sweet potatoes are cooked. Remove the lid and steam the new added vegetables. Keep the flame low and on for longer time if you want your veggies to taste crunchy.
  4. Your beef skillet supper is ready. Divide it into three plate. Top it with herbs and salt to make the dish flavoursome. 
  5. Have it in evening to keep yourself energized all the time. 

Beef skillet supper is a dish which anyone can have who love veg and meat. This light and easy-to-cook meal gives all nutrition which a body needs. 

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