Facts about lip fillers

Nowadays, women and girls want to have plump lips. Some many companies and injectors provide lip fillers in Dubai. People buy them and ask the injector to inject them to get the desired result. However, there are some interesting facts about lip injections and fillers. Given below some of the facts and get some knowledge about the fillers!

Combination: Instead of using one filler or injection, people use different kinds of fillers or products to inject in their lips to get the desired result.

Experiment: Although people go for lip augmentation after watching the pictures of celebrities with augmented lips, they have to rely on injectors because it is the experienced injector who can understand which filler and what kind of filler will be suitable for their lips and enhance their face-cut. 

Customization: Customers and clients have numerous options. They are not bound to plump your whole lips. You can ask the injector to inject fillers in the bottom lip or upper lips only. You can even ask them to use injections in the middle part only. The injector will listen to your needs and wants and give you some tips so that you can get the desired result. 

Experienced Injector: Although the majority of the experienced injector charge a lot to inject fillers and make the lips plump, their methodologies and performance give better results that would not make your lips look artificial or unnatural.

Few days: You will the result of your lip augmentation after a day or two because lips begin to swell after a few hours of injecting fillers but there will be a reduction in swelling after 24 to 48 hours and the final result will be evident on the third day completely. 

Temporary: Lip filler and augmentation do not keep your lips plumped for whole life. Their effect will remain for half a year or four to six months. You can try another filler or color after when the effect will end. 

Bruises: It is very common to have swelling and bruises after the injection but people could reduce it by avoiding medicines that could cause thinning of blood for ten days after the lip augmentation. Besides, they should exercise and avoid alcohol to get the best results.  

Anesthesia: If you are afraid of pain and sufferings during augmentation then you can ask the injector to apply a numbing cream or topical anesthesia before the augmentation to reduce the pain.

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